Cadet Foundation Course

Cadet Foundation Course

Target Audience

This course prepares Officer Cadets as they transition from their training academy to their first vessel. The course ensures Cadets are given the necessary knowledge and skills required to successfully complete the onboard training at sea.

This course shortens the time to develop Junior Officers and ensures all Cadets have the necessary pre-requisite vocational skills to quickly adapt to life onboard the vessel.

Course Content

Successful completion of this course will enable participants to:

  • Apply essential pre-requisite knowledge prior to sea phase training
  • Demonstrate the correct skills in safety, workshop tools, deck tools and equipment
  • Safely use compressed air breathing apparatus and enter enclosed spaces
  • Provide training records through electronic task books
  • Understand and follow BSM procedures and methods (BSM Only)
  • Understand BSM IT based systems e.g. PAL, CMS (BSM Only)
  • Understand Human Element, leadership, communications and soft skills
Entry Standards

Graduate students from Maritime Academies/Colleges. Successful completion of the Bernhard Schulte Selection Board. (BSM Only)


Classroom, Workshop and External training areas

Teaching Method

Classroom Lectures, Videos, Practical Exercises


STCW, SOLAS, Load Line Regulations, The ISM Code, ISPS Code, MLC 2006, MARPOL, COLREGS

Course Duration

12 weeks


Ongoing / weekly assessments, written tests and evaluations.


Attendance Certificate.


This course is offered regularly at MTC Cyprus, MTC Manila and MTC Mumbai. Please contact your local Crew Service Centre for the next available course.