Target Audience

This training is for seafarers with the responsibility of the medical care on board of a ship who are required to participate in coordinated medical assistance on ships at sea and to provide the sick or injured with a satisfactory standard of medical care while they remain on board

Course Content

After successful completion of this course participants will have the necessary competence to be able to: 

  • Take care of a casualty who has suffered head and spinal injuries or injuries of the ear, nose, throat or eyes, burns, scolds, fractures and internal bleeding
  • Apply techniques for sewing and clamping of wounds
  • Carry out minor surgical treatment
  • Manage acute abdominal conditions
  • Apply aspects of nursing and care for patients, including rescued persons
  • Knowledge and treatment of sexually transmitted, tropical and infectious diseases
  • Actions and treatment to mitigate alcohol and drug abuse
  • Carry out dental care
  • Address gynecology, pregnancy and child birth
  • Carry out disease prevention including disinfection, disinfestation and de-ratting
  • Administer vaccinations
  • Keep medical records and copies of International medical regulations 
Entry Standards

Completion of STCW basic training course, completion of STCW Medical First Aid course



Teaching Method

Lectures, videos, practical exercises.


STCW Chapter VI, Section A-VI/4 and Table A-VI/4-1. IMO Model Course 1.15, IMDG Code MFAG (Medical First Aid Guide)

Course Duration

5 days.


Written exams and practical assessments.


Course certificate upon successful completion leading to STCW certification.


This course is offered regularly in MTC Cyprus. Please contact your local Crew Service Centre for the next available course.